WebCon Advanced Charts

WebCon Advanced Charts 2.0

This WebPart shows advanced charts based on data placed in SharePoint\'s...

This WebPart shows advanced charts based on data placed in SharePoint's list. It is possible to display data`s dependence in clear way on the graph.

Configuration of this feature support variety types of graphs and color options which makes possible to create many different types of charts.

Configuration of Advanced Charts is really easy and intuitive. To configure charts you need to choose the list and column with data to show. In addition you can cut down data to view of list.

Types of charts: circle chart line chart horizontal bar chart vertical bar chartMoreover it is possible to add to graph axles with title of it.

In circle charts legend of the chart is automatically added. Types of implemented data operations:summarycountingaverageWith aggregation functions (SUM, COUNT, AVG) and color choosing functionality becomes very flexible and powerful tool for visual presentations of sharepoint lists.

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WebCon Advanced Charts


WebCon Advanced Charts 2.0

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